A Quick Guide to KFS Easy Eat Utensil:
KFS Easy Eat Utensil’s awesome features:
Rocker Knife
The KFS Easy Eat Utensil’s Rocker knife is ideal for individuals with use of only one hand. Serated curved blade with wide easy grip handle makes cutting safe and easy. The blade is set well back from the tines so that it does not touch the lips when using the fork or spoon. Simply Brilliant… Even if we do say so ourselves.
Easy to use Fork
The tines of the fork are long enough to secure portions of food but short enough and broad enough to provide optimum safety for disabled or elderly users. The fork is approached from the front, the spoon, from the side, and the knife remains underneath, well away from the mouth.
Deep Spoon
Food can be kept more securely on the spoon if the bowl of the spoon is deep. Less spillage. Easy sipping of soups and other liquids from the side of the spoon. Designed so that knife is well away from mouth. The KFS deep bowl spoon is specially shaped to make sipping from them easier, safer and manageable even with tremors.
Can Opener
Apart from being the safest combination of knife, fork and spoon for everyone with any movement or gripping disability, the KFS Easy Eat also provides a neat solution to opening up beverage cans. Built into the back of the handle is a recess with a lip shaped specifically to get under and leverage up lift tabs on beverage cans. Simple, safe and easy to use with a wide grip.
Twist Top Bottle Opener
Just when you thought it was impossible for the KFS Easy Eat to offer even more value and assistance to everyone with a disability or limited ability to grasp items tightly… Like twist tops on bottles… Another great inbuilt solution appears. Yes, it really does open twist top bottles using the bottle top shaped recess under the handle. Twist tops fit snugly into the space. Simply twist the KFS to remove tops.
Use One Hand Only
Using cutlery is usually a two handed task – the food is secured by a fork in one hand, whilst the other hand uses a knife to cut the food. The KFS Easy Eat Combination cutlery overcomes this easily.The KFS Easy Eat Utensil is the ideal dining companion for any person with any handicap that limits their ability to feed themselves.